I’m Kelly, author of “Dear Proverbs 31 Woman…Stop Making Me Look Bad!” and YouVersion Bible app devotional partner.

I help Christian women embrace their imperfect stories, become healthy, whole and healed while pursuing their passions with purpose. 

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “This isn’t how I envisioned MY story”? Sometimes the whacks and lacks of life can take you to a place where overcoming seems impossible. What if the only way to overcome the pain of your story is to embrace the imperfections within it? Over the next 6 days, you’ll move from regretting that life hasn’t been perfect for you, to embracing life’s ups and downs while allowing them to move you closer to your passions, but with Grace.

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"Kelly's words are biblically based and life altering. The impact Kelly has had on my life and ministry is invaluable."

Sherry Boyd Mom of 3

"Listening to Kelly's words of encouragement gave me the motivation to reach for {my goals}, hear from God and follow Him whole-heartedly."

Stacee Ferguson, Author
'I Am Redeemed. A Wretch Undone'

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