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Kelly A Foster is a writer, speaker and advocate. She helps Christian women in leadership reclaim their stories by embracing their most painful struggles to propel their personal growth, empower their spiritual calling and walk out purpose daily.

Kelly is a woman of many talents and experiences; she is a minister of the gospel for over 13 years, she has worked in non-profit youth mentoring and management for over 15+ years. Kelly has served as a church planter, leader among disability services for kids, educational advocate and founder of Imperfectly His Blog. She loves to connect the hearts of women to God through writing and teaching the life applicable principles of the Bible.

Kelly has homeschooled her 3 daughters and understands exactly
what it’s like to wear many hats and still fulfill your God-given calling.

Kelly is available to speak to your audience; empowering both girls and women to live healthy, whole and healed while fulfilling their God given calling.

Speaker Topics

Reclaiming Your Story: Living Healthy, Whole and Healed

In this hands on workshop Kelly will walk women through the steps of reclaiming their trauma stories and learning to share them with passion and poise.

Embracing the Seasons: Fulfilling Your Calling In the Middle of Crisis

Does a life crisis mean you must abandon your calling to ministry? Kelly shares 5 practical ways to pause, pivot and persist in ministry when a crisis enters your life.

Superwoman: The Power Of Taking Care Of You

Master the 7 self-care power moves every woman needs who wears multiple hats.

Healing Moms, Hope For Daughters

Finding personal healing is the best gift you can provide for your children. Discover time-tested, Biblical tools to heal you and promote hope in your relationship with your daughter.

Finding Grace While Homeschooling Your Child With Special Needs

Sometimes our greatest struggles produce our biggest areas of growth. This talk is for parents of a child with any type of special learning needs; meant to encourage, challenge and inspire.

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