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Hi Friends!

Kelly here. I have used my greatest personal, professional and ministry struggles to propel personal growth, empower spiritual calling and walk out purpose daily.

The good news is…I can help you do the same.

My mission is to help Christian women become Healthy, Whole and Healed to fearlessly pursue their passions with purpose.

As a preacher of the gospel for 13 years, and mother of 3 beautiful daughters, I’ve committed my life to serving God and my family. With a background in Social Work I’ve served the St. Louis community in various capacities for the past 17+ years. I’ve built, and scaled, and launched, coached and created. I’ve taught, and learned, and shared and listened.

But sometimes things fall apart.

I’ve experienced ministry loss, parenting flops, bankruptcy, repossession, and relationship failures. I’ve gone from wife, to petitioner, to girlfriend to baby mama all in the same year. {Dang Girl! Yep, it’s ok to laugh at my pain this one time teheee} Bottom line…Friends I am not perfect.

I get it. Life throws you curveballs and it can be incredibly hard to recover, let alone learn to live healed.

Through all the loss, failure, and disappointment I’ve realized that God’s calling on my life and your life does not change simply because you experience hardships. In fact, His calling is that much more important as you go through trials. Even still, it can be daunting to try to pick up the pieces all on your own.

So I’ve created this space to encourage, inspire, and challenge women to live Healthy, Whole and Healed. You can keep pushing and walking out God’s plans for your life no matter how imperfect you may feel.

God is working in you sis, even if you can’t see it HE DOES!

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