Inspirational Writing

The One Truth That Provides Endless Peace

I’ve been sharing excerpts from my new book with my Besties lately! Wanna be a bestie? Click here! I’m gonna cut straight to the point. There is one truth that sets you free & provides access to endless peace.

It’s knowing who you are in Christ.
Total. Game. Changer.

I want you to imagine for a minute what your life will look like when you:
A. Know who you are in Christ
B. Actually BELIEVE it

Notice I said imagine what it WILL look like. This is key, because there is no uncertainty about it after you read this book. Your life WILL change. I tell you this because I have lived it and will never be the same.

When you know who you are you LIVE, ACT and DO life differently.

This is one truth that unlocks endless peace of mind. Ask me how I know?

This truth has kept me sane during this season of life after divorce. People say “I’m doing so well” or “I don’t know what I’d do if I were you”; the reality is I wouldn’t be where I am without truly grasping my identity in Christ. I would be losing it. I would be lost. I would be depressed. I would be done. But here I stand!

Yes, I get sad, tired, feel unappreciated, lonely, and afraid but none of those feelings changes the peace of mind I having knowing who I am in Christ. I want that for you too!

“Dear Proverbs 31 Woman” Book Result #2

Readers will begin to feel themselves, i.e. smell themselves, i.e. they’ll realize how they are!

Mic check, are you still there? Yes, I said what I said. When God shows you how important you are to him and you truly get just how many mountains He’ll move to protect, provide and prune you…you’ll start feeling yourself too. Remember it’s not you but Jesus in you that we boast in. It’s not our power but His power that gives us rest & peace of mind. Who challenges the power of God? What feelings of sadness, loneliness or pain can come against His truth?

Check out this exclusive ‘never been seen before’ excerpt below!

“We have been given power through the name of Jesus that can be accessed right now. When we seek God and ask him to meet our needs according to His will, He will give us whatever we ask for using the name of Jesus.

“So why are we suffering emotionally? Why are we walking around without joy, peace, or hope? Is it because we haven’t asked God for revival in our hearts? “You have not because you ask not” is a phrase we commonly say. We can trust in the promises of God and rely on Him to provide for our every need in the name of Jesus. This is the power we have in Christ, that we cannot live this life without. God’s promises are real, His plans, His purpose, and the power we have through Christ helps us walk out virtue as women of God.”

Excerpt from “Dear Proverbs 31 Woman…Stop Making Me Look Bad!” by Kelly Foster

Knowing God’s truth isn’t enough if it doesn’t move us to live, act and do life differently.

I can NOT wait to get this book in your hands to see how your lives will change! More Details coming soon!