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Recognizing an Awakening

What’s one of the greatest R & B Albums of all time?

For me, that winner goes to Lauren Hill’s ‘The Miseducation of Lauren Hill’. Talk about an awakening.

The year that album came out I was headed to High School. I quickly managed to learn every single word and to sing it as if her life was my own. 

I loved so many things about that album but mostly I loved the progression it showed. Back then a music album told a story and it allowed the fans to get inside the mind of the artist. See what they see. Experience life from their perspective. Kind of sounds a lot like social media today.

This album was a coming of age. It was a woman coming into her own. Seeing the world around her. Managing all the hats she wears and ultimately embracing exactly where she is in that moment. Flaws and all.

I think every woman has a moment or two like that. A moment where, for some reason the na├»ve veil that has been over her eyes for years begins to lift. 

She sees the world from fresh eyes. She realizes her value. She’s no longer satisfied with the status quo. 

She has an awakening.

Usually something sparks this awakening; a bad break up, giving birth, accomplishing a long term goal, seeing a friend struggle or just reaching your limit in a stressful situation. I’ve been there before and have seen it even more times.

Something just clicks and she snaps out of complacency and is ready to change her life.

She wants more than just titles and endless repetitive days. She wants more than a dead end job that doesn’t value her worth. She’s tired of feeling unfulfilled. She wants more than rote faith and fleeting religious acts. She craves that good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over kind of overflow in her life. I am she and she is me. Can you relate?

I believe that these are God moments. In the midst of an awakening we get to reeducate our minds with God’s word and reintroduce ourselves to a world who THINKS they know us.

I believe that these are DO or DIE, make you or break you moments to take back your power and to live the way God intended.

The real question is how do we recognize an awakening and take action?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you ever experienced an awakening?


  • Shannon

    Definitely yes and 2 times in particular. In the last year, I grew tired of being afraid to go after God given goals because they just seemed to big for me. As I looked around and saw so many others “going for it,” I decided to just do it scared. So, here I am! Sitting in my own salon space and it feels soooo good!!! Is it plenty of work? Yes. But (if God says the same) I do not want to work a 9-5 any longer. I’m at peace and more business ideas have bombarded my mind. I’m ready. All praises to God!

    • Kelly A. Foster

      I love this! Thanks for sharing Shannon. You are so right! When we take the small step in faith God meets us where we are then takes it to the next level. Business ideas on top of ideas! I am loving watching you spread your wings and can’t wait to hear all the testimonies of what God will do.

  • Arris Charles

    Yes a few, and I expect more as I grow with God. I left my corporate career to seek my purpose and people thought I was wrong to walk away from my education and salary. But my heart was drawn to something else and I knew it. I started a business while raising young kids and it was meant to be, but I also learned about trusting God’s timing and not to rush ahead, which can cause issues. I’ve also learned to let go and let God work in loved ones lives when I can’t influence them–so that I can have peace within myself and to keep peace in relationships. I awaken to more of who God made me to be, and in the process of exploring that, I awaken to more of His wisdom and I grow. I’m not who I used to be, but becoming more of who I’m meant to be. Thank you for this unique and thought provoking article.

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