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{Nuggets of Wisdom}Three things to do when life gets challenging.

Life gets challenging.

Our family recently transitioned from homeschooling to traditional school. Consequently, things around our home have changed.

It’s natural for change to cause challenge in your life.

Our change of schooling required some things. First is required waking up earlier. Then it required having a longer commute. The final change that caused my beautiful girls and I to cringe was the fact that we no longer had unlimited time together.

We had to stick to a strict schedule. Consequently, we were used to the flexibility and freedom of choosing how we spent evenings. However, these new school “rules” had us tired and in bed by 8 some days.

Why am I mentioning this? Why share this story?

Life gets challenging!

I want you to know that I get it! Life is happening to me too! Often at warp speed, things are flying our way. Problems need to be solved immediately, grumbling tummies need to be fed, and feelings of tiredness, loneliness, and fear creep in, sometimes nonstop.

We can’t always change the circumstances that are challenging us, but there are a few things we can do.

Here’s 3 things to do when life gets challenging:

  1. Be ok with things not being ok. Scroll up a bit and you’ll see a HUGE detail, so small but huge you might have even missed it. When it comes to cleaning throughout the week I’m heavy on the “ISH”. Do I like a clean house? Absolutely! Do I have time to clean? Absolutely NOT! LOL So rather than beat myself up about it not being to my standards, I adjust my standards.
  2. Take a break from your To Do list. If you’re stressed…you need rest more than anything. Rest will help your mind function better and in the long run help you get things done. Help with homework from the couch or even your bubble bath (you’re not getting any peace in the bathroom anyway).
  3. Ask God for help. This should be first! This is key. I want you to wear out the Father (which is not even possible). Call on Him. Cry to Him, Beg Him, Ask Him for what you need. Ask…then keep on asking. Your situation is not old news to Him. He cares and wants to hear from you DAILY about all your drama.