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The Imperfect Story Behind: Finding R.E.S.T. While Learning To Embrace Your Imperfect Story Devotional

If you are new here welcome! The New Year of 2022 has brought some amazing opportunities for Imperfectly His. I am so proud to be a YouVersion Devotional Partner! Whoo Hooo! I had the opportunity to submit a devotional for consideration because of my affiliation with Entrusted Women Community & Facebook group. If you are a woman of color who is pursing writing and speaking professionally please get connected with the women of Entrusted. There are so many opportunities for genuine connections, collaborations and learning. Join. Now. Right. Now. I mean it!

So back to this imperfect story.

My 6-Day devotional is available exclusively on YouVersion. Go ahead and read it here, then share it girl! We have completion goals, ok?! The devotional is entitled: Finding R.E.S.T. while learning to embrace your imperfect story. I take six days to walk readers through the R.E.S.T acronym. It’s an easy way to hold on to the principles of the devotional long after you stop reading. You know how I love to make this easy.

If you are here because you read that devotional, connected with it and desire go deeper with those principles of R.E.S.T then I have great news for you. The devotional was inspired by my latest book “Dear Proverbs 31 Woman…Stop Making Me Look Bad!” In this book I share 7 unshakable truths that every person needs to know to truly walk out their God given identity. I am so passionate about inspiring spiritual growth and I wrote it with my own imperfect experiences in mind. The devotional was just the tip of the iceberg, if you want to reignite your spiritual growth, then you need to grab the book too.

But this is a BTS so let’s go behind the scenes real quick. Inside scoop coming right up:

3 Things I want to share about the imperfect story behind the devotional

  1. It almost never happened. Yes, you heard that right. I had the idea for my book and the principles of R.E.S.T but at one time I was so paralyzed by fear that it took years to finish the project. I started writing my book 6 years ago but I felt too tired, too impatient, too confused, and too unworthy to complete such a huge task like writing a book. Especially writing one for Jesus. That fear held me down. It kept me safe and I don’t mean that in a good way. All the while God was pushing me into the deep where my faith could be tested and grown. Where is God calling you?
  2. My pain and healing journey produced the power you read in the devotional. Yes my pain! The pain I tried to avoid for years. The pain of heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal and insecurity took me on a healing journey that produced Holy Spirit Power. When I stopped trying to hide all my junk from God he was able to move in my life like never before. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. So what are you numbing? What are you avoiding as you try to keep the peace? Your healing is worth so much more than peace keeping. And is it really peace if YOU have to keep it? Jesus is our peace!
  3. I’m still learning to own & live my story. The ministry of Imperfectly His and the immense amount of vulnerability I seek to share in my writing and speaking has always been a source of motivation for me. Instead of hiding from the imperfections I believe in embracing them 100%. Use them as leverage to get where you want to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am still practicing this myself. In this current season God is also showing me how to ENJOY good things. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop it’s ok to find rest in the blessings too! No one’s life is perfect but we take the good with the bad knowing we serve an almighty God who will take care of us in every season.

So, how has the devotional impacted you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.